Tail Pulley Rock Guard

Plow Master

Introducing Dakota’s new tail pulley protection system. Adjustable from 18-60 inches, the Plow Master’s V-type design prevents fugitive material from running between the tail pulley and conveyor belting. Significantly reducing the possibility of damaging a tail pulley or causing belt blistering. The Plow Master’s Maintenance Free Design incorporates the “Patented” self aligning wide wheel system, allowing it to float as necessary during normal bulk material transfer equipment operation. The specially formulated UHMW polyurethane blades effortlessly sweep material off the conveyor belt. Installs in minutes!


  • Mining, hard rock, aggregate, bulk material handling, and logging operations.
  • Installed on the inside of a conveyor, before the return pulley or gravity take up pulley.

Tail pulley protection system